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Teflon adhesive tape for PVC window welding

PVC window frames are welded together by single point welders, 2 point welders, or 4 point welders under high temperature, PTFE adhesive tape is applied to weld platen, heat pass through the tape to PVC frame to achieve a joint weld, the melted PVC will not adhere to the tape because of its 100% nonstick surface in high temperature, just peel off the tape after using, no glue will remain on the platen, keeps plate clean and protect your welders.



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PTFE endless belt for rubber extrusion

Mutiflon PTFE endless belt is made of PTFE strip connected by a joint, the belt is used to take rubber from the extrusion head straight through the curing oven, belt surface is nonstick and helps avoid semi-melted rubber from sticking to the machine. Our PTFE belt is made by high tensile strength Teflon fabric which makes the belt durable and long lifetime.



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Teflon release sheet for composite material production

PTFE coated fiberglass is used as a release sheet during SMC, RMT & GMT compression press process, GMT is a kind of advanced material used to make pallet or automotive interior component, it is light weight, more durable, impact resistance, high loading capacity, waterproof and corrosion resistance.



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