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Teflon coated fiberglass for solar module lamination

During the solar module lamination process, the prepared 5-layer module is placed in the lamination machine and heated to max. 135°C for a period of approx. 22 minutes, PTFE fabric is placed between the Membrane and the module as protective covering because of its heat resistant and good release properties. Our 9025AJ and 9035AJ is used as this release sheet, our max width reach to 3500mm, any size can be cut. Mutiflon also provides PTFE tabber stringer belts used to convey the panel components through the lamination process.



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PTFE expansion joint for coal-fired power plant

Our durable PTFE coated fabrics is customized into expansion joint to limit the emission of pollutants in harsh environments such as coal-fired power plants, the expansion joint is required to have exceptional strength, good flexural property as well as environmental resistance in corrosion and harsh environments, our PTFE fabric withstand high temperature, chemical corrosion and constant vibration.


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Teflon adhesive tape for moulding of wind turbine blades

Wind turbine blades are large composite structures moulded by infusion method. Our PTFE adhesive tape is high temperature resist, high tensile strength and non-stick surface, ideal for molding release during this process. Smoother blade surface will be made out by using our teflon adhesive for releasing.


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