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Why should the vacuum machine be replaced with a high temperature cloth?
2019-06-28 15:09:58

Why should the vacuum machine be replaced with a high temperature cloth?

The high temperature resistant tape is also called Teflon cloth, which belongs to the loss of vacuum machine. Fulite analyzes why it is necessary to replace the high temperature resistant cloth.

1. The high temperature resistant cloth is attached to the heating wire. When the sealing is heated, it avoids direct contact with the heating wire. Because it is in direct contact with the heating wire, the heating wire will burn out when the heating wire is burnt out. So need to be replaced.

2. The high temperature resistant cloth is a vacuum machine consumable. When it is used for a long time, it will wear out. According to the frequency of use of the vacuum machine, the correctness of the operation of the user is used. It is replaced every once in a while. If the Teflon is high temperature If the cloth is damaged or invalid, please replace the Teflon with high temperature cloth.

If the tape or Teflon sheet under the heater chip burns out, the heater wire itself may be short-circuited and melted, resulting in poor sealing. Be sure to check it in time and replace if necessary.

(1) Replace the Teflon sheet and the heating sheet

(2) Completely remove the tape and Teflon sheet under the heating sheet

(3) Add a new Teflon sheet according to the length of the heated part.

(4) Apply a piece of tape to the Teflon sheet. The tape must be 5 cm longer than the sealing part.

(5) Adhesive tape residue will have an adverse effect on the sealing surface. Please clean the surface thoroughly before applying the tape and Teflon sheet.

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