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Teflon Tape Instructions
2019-06-21 11:38:23

PTFE, the English abbreviation PTFE, also known as "Teflon", "Tiefulong", "Teflon", "Teflon", "Teflon", etc., all of which are "Teflon" Transliteration

1. Clean the surface of the dryer that needs to be pasted. Note that there are no iron filings on the surface and the surface is smooth.

2. Cut the tape over the desired length (approximately 5 cm longer than the desired length).

3. Remove the release paper, and pay attention to the edges of the edges. Do not tear them all at once. In the process of pasting, you can use a piece of cloth or newspaper to stick on the plate. After attaching, make sure that the two sides of the tape are overlapped.

4. In the middle of the tape overlap, use a utility knife to draw a straight line (the length of the dryer), then tape off A (as shown) and open.

5. After installation, carefully check for small air bubbles between the tape and the dryer. If there are sharp objects, such as pins, you can eliminate small bubbles and flatten them. B tape, tear off the Teflon tape at C, then stick B and flatten the tape at B and D.

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