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Raw material of silicon cloth and kneading process
2019-12-02 15:26:05

Basic knowledge of rubber compound

      Compound rubber is a commonly used silicone product in our life. In most cases, we will use compound rubber. Compound silicone rubber is generally suitable for compression molding. A small amount can be prepared on a general-purpose rubber mixer. Production takes place in a kneader or closed kneading plant. Today, Xiao Biao is going to mention the basic knowledge of raw materials for mixing rubber and silicone.

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      Silicone cloth manufacturers kneading process of rubber and silicone raw materials:

      The compounding of silicone rubber in the kneader can improve production efficiency and improve the operating environment, which basically matches the process. In order to remove the moisture and other volatiles in silica, and to promote the dispersion and infiltration between the silicone rubber raw rubber and silica, after adding silica and a structure control agent, heat treatment is required at 150 ~ 1801 ~ 6h; then, on a double-roller, further mixing and adding modifiers; finally filtering to remove impurities in the rubber compound.

      However, the mixing time is not easy to be too long. After the mixing and dispersion are uniform, the rubber compound can be completely wrapped and the surface is smooth to complete the mixing; if the time is too long, it will stick to the roller. The mixing time is particularly shortened, and the cooling needs to be strengthened to keep the roll temperature low. When adding white carbon black, the fine powder is easy to fly. The protective measures should be strengthened. The silicone rubber is soft. Use a putty knife for mixing and cutting. , When thin pass, it can't be filmed like other glue. Use plexiglass or nylon special scraper. The compounded rubber must be parked for a certain period of time to facilitate the full diffusion of the compounding agent. It must be reprocessed during use. The reprocessed rubber is used with the refining. If the time is too long, the performance of the vulcanizate will decrease.