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European Customers Visit to Discuss Business Cooperation
2019-01-10 15:09:45

European Customers Visit to Discuss Business Cooperation

 In January 2019, our European customers came to visit our company in spite of the cold winter. Ma Chunping, the sales manager of our company, personally participated in the reception of the customers and made in-depth communication and exchange on the issues of sample confirmation and business cooperation between the two sides. The European customers were deeply satisfied. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed in Taixing Science and Technology Talent Plaza, where our new office is located. The two sides agreed to carry out in-depth cooperation in areas such as resource sharing, technical cooperation, cost optimization, and complementary market advantages. Therefore, our company in the European market another city, for our company Teflon series of products in Europe sales development laid a stronger foundation.


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After signing the cooperation agreement, Ma Chunping, the sales manager of our company, accompanied the customers to visit the whole production process in our production workshop by car. Customers to our company's on-site management and staff on-site work quality praise, after visiting the factory, more firm with our company's confidence in strategic cooperation.


Taixing Fleet Hi-tech Material Co.,Ltd is production of Teflon products and strive to become a world-class Teflon manufacturer with global competitiveness. While taking root in the Chinese market, we will continue to develop new Teflon products to meet the world-class high-end market, to do a good job of transformation and upgrading.


The main products of Taixing Fleet Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd are: PTFE Teflon high temperature resistant welding cloth (lacquer cloth), laminated cloth, silica gel cloth, Teflon mesh conveyor belt, adhesive belt, pure Teflon tape, Teflon high temperature cloth, Teflon conveyor belt, Teflon plate, construction membrane, silicone tape adhesive tape and Kefra cloth and other products.